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Just about everyone will deal with their wisdom teeth sometime during their lives. Some people choose to have them removed very early on, before they get close to coming in. Others wait to see whether their wisdom teeth will be problematic. And the there are those people that just hope for the best. What should you be doing about your wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last teeth to come in for most people. For many people, however, there is insufficient room in their jaw for their wisdom teeth. The teeth can then become “impacted,” meaning that they cannot come up out of the gums correctly, or they just erupt at the wrong angle. When teeth come in incorrectly, it can make the area prone to infection and dental damage, and it cause your jaw significant pain. If your wisdom teeth will likely become impacted, our dentist will likely recommend that they be removed. Having your wisdom teeth removed will not harm your smile’s normal function, and can help you maintain optimal oral health.

Each person’s smile is unique, and our dentist can help you monitor your wisdom teeth over time. If it is determined that your wisdom teeth need to be removed, the treatment is very straightforward and typically has a short recovery time. Learn more about us and about wisdom teeth by contacting our office today! Call 614-875-7070 to speak with our friendly team. Dr. Steven W. Huber, DDS and our knowledgeable team at Ohio Urgent Dental Care are eager to help your family enjoy healthy smiles for many years to come!