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What are wisdom teeth?

The wisdom teeth are the third molars, which are the last teeth to erupt in your mouth. The third molars typically erupt during the late teen years or early twenties.


What is wisdom teeth removal?

The wisdom teeth often erupt in a misaligned position and require removal. We provide wisdom teeth removal in Grove City, Ohio to ensure that your smile stays healthy. If your teeth are angled incorrectly or even horizontally, our knowledgeable dentists may recommend removing them to prevent damage to the neighboring teeth, the nerves, and the jawbone. The wisdom teeth may also be impacted, which means that they do not fully break through the gums and jawbone. If the wisdom teeth are impacted or misaligned, it can result in:

  • Infection around the tooth
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Damage to the adjacent teeth
  • Interruption to the alignment of the rest of the teeth

Dr. Steven W. Huber and Dr. Samuel R. Pelkey and associates may recommend wisdom teeth removal in order to prevent these serious complications. During the procedure, we carefully remove the wisdom teeth; in some cases, the tooth is sectioned into multiple pieces to make removal easier. We work hard to ensure that your wisdom teeth removal is as painless as possible, and we offer nitrous oxide sedation for your comfort. We invite you to contact us today at Ohio Urgent Dental Care for more information on wisdom teeth removal.

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