What is a dental sports injury?

Our friendly dentists at Ohio Urgent Dental Care understand that you love playing sports, and athletic activities are a great way to stay in shape and have fun. However, dental injury is common in sports. If you enjoy playing sports, you may experience one of the following types of dental sports injury:

  • A chipped, cracked, or broken tooth
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • A lost dental crown, filling, or other restoration
  • Injury to the soft tissues of the mouth, such as the lips, gums, cheeks, or tongue
  • A partially knocked-out (extruded) tooth

If you experience a dental emergency or injury while playing sports, we encourage you to contact our dental office as soon as possible. We are committed to providing you with the high level of care you need.

How can I prevent a dental sports injury?

To ensure that your smile stays healthy and strong, Dr. Huber, Dr. Pelkey and Dr. Overmyer may recommend a sports guard. A sports guard is a mouth guard that you wear while playing sports to prevent dental sports injury in Grove City, Ohio. To learn more about dental sports injuries and how we can care for your smile, we invite you to call or visit us today. We look forward to caring for your family!