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At Ohio Urgent Dental Care, our doctors, Drs. Huber, Pelkey and Shumway and our team will do all we can to make sure that you keep all of your natural teeth. However, there are a times when a tooth may be so damaged from trauma or decay that it needs to be extracted.

After your tooth is removed, a clot will form in the socket left behind. That clot is extremely important. It will protect the exposed nerve and bone in the socket. If it is ruptured or removed, you will be vulnerable to infection, and may be in a great deal of discomfort. This is a condition known as dry socket. Although our doctors can treat dry socket if it occurs, the best thing to do is avoid the problem in the first place.

You should avoid brushing the area for the first 24 hours after the extraction, although you can gently rinse your mouth with a salt and water solution. During that time, you should stick to cool, soft foods, and chew on the side of your mouth opposite the extraction site. Tobacco slows the healing process, and smoking will create suction in your mouth that can affect the clot. Using a straw can have the same effect.

If you have a tooth that has been causing you grief, we will be happy to see you. If you live in the Grove City, Ohio, area, you can call our office at 614-875-7070 to make your appointment.