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Do you know what dental bonding is? Basically, it’s a cosmetic dentistry treatment that repairs or improves damaged teeth with a liquid resin or porcelain that hardens over your teeth. Dental bonding treatments can often vastly improve the look and function of your teeth. Here are some specific benefits of dental bonding:

– Dental bonding can help renovate teeth with severe stains and discolorations.

– If you have gum recession, bonds can be used to help protect portions of a tooth’s root that may be exposed.

– Bonds can be used to change the color and shape of a tooth.

– Dental bonding is very useful for repairing damage created by injuries such as chips and cracks.

– Dental bonds can be an excellent alternative to dental amalgams for filling in cavities, as they can more closely match the color of your teeth.

– Dental bonding treatments are tremendously durable and can last a decade or more if cared for well.

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