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Do you know someone who chews on their fingernails? Do you ever wonder what they could be doing to their fingernails—or perhaps their smile? Or, are you interested in learning how you can break the habit yourself?

For example, would you be surprised to learn that chewing your nails can fracture your teeth? This is likely when too much pressure is placed on a single area. Similarly, since your nails tend to be dirty, chewing could expose your mouth to bacteria that could promote plaque buildup and tooth decay.

To make matters worse, if you frequently chew your fingernails when you’re stressed you could be unintentionally training yourself to chew reflexively when you’re stressed. This can lead to worn down teeth, which can cause jaw problems and headaches.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to break the nail biting habit. For instance, keep your nails short or coated with something bitter. Manicures can also help since you’ll be less likely to bite your nails if you have spent money on them. You can also try stress management techniques, such as yoga, meditating, or wearing a rubber band to snap when you want to bite your nails.

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