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If you are someone whose fear of going to the dentist prevents them from undergoing dental procedures, Dr. Huber, Dr. Pelkey, and Dr. Shumway understand. We want all our patients to feel at ease during their treatments. That is why we offer nitrous oxide to help your peace of mind.

What is nitrous oxide?
Nitrous Oxide is a light, safe, and effective sedative that is inhaled by the patient. Sometimes, it is referred to as laughing gas and normally is used in extractions and root canals. It is used to help dull a patient’s pain without having to put them to sleep, so they can remain awake and alert during procedures.

How will I be sedated?
At the beginning of your visit, you will be seated in a comfortable dental chair. Dr. Steven W. Huber, DDS will put a small gas mask on your face and ask you to breathe deeply. After several minutes, the sedative will begin to take effect, relaxing you for your treatment.

How will it make me feel?
You will feel lightheaded and undergo a tingling sensation. Some patients say they feel a sense of heaviness in the body. No matter how your body reacts to the sedative, you will be carefree, calm, and relaxed during your treatment. Since these effects are short lived once the mask is removed, you will be safe to drive after your appointment.

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