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Wisdom teeth removal is a standard procedure that many need to relieve the pain that is often associated with the eruption of the wisdom teeth. In fact, wisdom teeth often become impacted because there is not enough room for them to grow in properly, which can cause great discomfort. That is why removing the wisdom teeth as they come in is a popular option.

Our doctor, Dr. Steven W. Huber, DDS, understands the importance of recovering from any dental procedure, including wisdom teeth removal. That is why our team at Ohio Urgent Dental Care is happy to share some information on how you can best recover from your wisdom teeth removal in Grove City, Ohio:

– Follow instructions: Listen to our doctor and take note of all instructions that you receive so that you can properly recovery from a wisdom tooth extraction.
– Avoid exercise: To ensure recovery time remains minimal, make sure all your energy goes towards healing your mouth rather than exercising.
– Eat soft foods: Avoid foods that will put any increased pressure or risk on the extraction site.
– Regular checkups: Stay in contact with our doctor, especially if any issues or problems arise.
– Ice packs: If your face begins to swell up, or if you notice any signs of gum inflammation, you can use an ice pack.
– Sleep: Implement a safe sleeping routine and make sure you’re getting enough rest so that you have plenty of recovery time for your mouth.
If you need further assistance with recovering from your wisdom teeth removal, then please call us today at 614-875-7070. Our team of professionals is equipped to help you during every step of the process.