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Teeth that become sensitive to hot and cold get that way because of the destruction or “wearing away” of enamel protecting the tooth. This potentially painful condition can also come from receding gums that expose the tooth roots. Lack of enamel can also cause discomfort when eating things that are high in sugar and even breathing in cold air can be bothersome.

It is better to retain your tooth enamel and gum line rather than having to repair them when the enamel is lost. Here are three things to do to help you keep the enamel on your teeth:

Gentle Brushing:

Too many patients afflicted by receding gums are suffering because they brush their teeth (and gums) too hard. Besides hurting their gums, this may also cause the reduction of enamel on the actual surface of the teeth. By taking a less forceful approach, you can avoid problems in the future. Try using a water jet or a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Use a Straw With Sodas and Sugary Drinks

The acid in colas and other sugary drinks (even fruit juice) is detrimental to your enamel. If you don’t cut them from your diet altogether, here is something you can do immediately to fix the issue… Use a straw! It will keep the drink from touching your teeth at all.

Don’t Chew on Ice

Ice chewing is seen as a harmless habit by some, but by chewing ice you are risking damage to your teeth. Cracked teeth from crunching ice is a common occurrence and a sure way to see your dentist. The next time you are tempted to crunch down, don’t!

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