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What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

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What is Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS)? As you may have guessed, its primary trait is a chronic fiery pain inside the mouth. Accompanying signs may include alternating numbness, dry mouth or an altered sense of taste.

When it comes to BMS, there is no easy way to officially diagnose it. What we will first do is gather your medical history. We may also administer several medical tests. We may also enlist the expertise of your family doctor or a specialist.

BMS consists of two categories: primary and secondary BMS. Scientists and medical professionals theorize that Primary BMS is caused by damage to the nerves accountable for mouth pain and taste buds. Secondary BMS is created by certain medical conditions like long-term hormonal changes, allergies, dry mouth, certain medicines, a lack of Vitamin B, or acid reflux. The reason for learning about your medical history and administering tests is specifically to weed out these conditions. If we discover any of these as the root cause, you will be diagnosed with Secondary BMS. If nothing is conclusive, you will likely be diagnosed with Primary BMS.

You will almost certainly be offered pain medication to help you feel comfortable and manage your condition. Please take it only as directed. Other treatments will depend upon the primary reason for your BMS. If you have pain and medication cannot be taken, you can offer yourself provisional reprieves drinking cold beverages, sucking on ice chips or chewing sugarless gum. Hot and spicy food, alcohol, tobacco, mouthwash, and acidic products may all worsen your condition, so avoid them for now. Dr. Steven W. Huber can offer you other advice.

If you expect that you have Burning Mouth Syndrome, your first stop may be a primary care physician. However, Dr. Steven W. Huber and our expert dental team at Ohio Urgent Dental Care in Grove City, Ohio can also assist with diagnosis and treatment. Ring us at 614-875-7070 for more information today!