Whitening Toothpaste Can Help Improve Minor Surface Stains on Your Teeth

When you drink dark beverages like coffee, tea, and certain soft drinks it can introduce microscopic dark particles to your tooth enamel. In a short amount of time, this could cause minor surface stains to appear on the teeth in your smile. One convenient way to prevent significant surface stains... Read more »

The Excitement of a Better Smile Awaits with Dental Veneers

Have you ever wanted a clean slate for your dental profile and the capability to craft and customize it the way you choose? With dental veneers, this ability is mostly true and doable. With dental veneers, you can craft the smile you desire. The excitement of a better smile awaits... Read more »

How to Control Your Dental Anxiety

If you feel concerned about going to the dentist, you are not alone. Dental anxiety is tremendously common and can be assisted. Here at Ohio Urgent Dental Care in Grove City, Ohio, we take pride in giving you high-quality care and are glad to talk to you and work with... Read more »

Dazzle the World With Your Smile Thanks to Cosmetic Dentistry

Have you ever thought it was your turn to dazzle the world with your smile? If so, we have great news for you! Our team here at Ohio Urgent Dental Care in Grove City, Ohio, offers cosmetic dentistry as a way to improve your oral health and your smile, so... Read more »

Recurring Bad Breath Could Be a Sign of Oral Health Failure

Recurring bad breath could be a sign of oral health failure. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is the product of a nasty or foul odor emanating from your mouth. It is often caused by deficient oral hygiene but it may also be a symptom of a far more serious... Read more »

Nitrous Oxide Sedation will Make Your Dental Fears Vanish

If you are someone whose fear of going to the dentist prevents them from undergoing dental procedures, Dr. Huber, Dr. Pelkey, and Dr. Shumway understand. We want all our patients to feel at ease during their treatments. That is why we offer nitrous oxide to help your peace of mind.... Read more »

Restore Your Smile with Our Dental Crown

Steven W. Huber, DDS and our Ohio Urgent Dental Care team offer dental crowns for our patients in Grove City, Ohio and the neighboring communities who are looking to repair a damaged tooth. A dental crown restores a damaged tooth by ‘capping’ it to recreate your natural tooth. Whether you... Read more »

Your Dentures Can Give You Back the Smile You Lost

Are you missing any teeth? Are you looking for a more flexible replacement option rather than permanent tooth implants? With dentures crafted by our dentists at Ohio Urgent Dental Care, you can have the freedom and comfort that a full set of teeth can give you, but still remove them... Read more »

Building a Better Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

With the help of our Ohio Urgent Dental Care dental team, we can rebuild your smile with cosmetic dentistry. We can provide you with a fully customized plan that suits your individual needs and get you on the path to the brighter and whiter smile that you’ve been waiting for.... Read more »

5 Ways to Keep Oral Health This Thanksgiving

Do you need tips to keep your smile healthy this season? If so, you are not alone. During the holidays, many people find it hard to keep their smile extra clean and healthy. That is why our team here at Ohio Urgent Dental Care is happy to give you tips... Read more »