Oral Hygiene Packing Tips While Traveling

If you’re planning a trip but you’re not quite sure which oral hygiene products to pack, our team is more than happy to help you! There are a few things you will need to have with you while you travel, and those things are: Travel toothbrush: Travel toothbrushes are convenient because they are small, they… Read more »

What Are the Differences Between Composite and Amalgam Fillings?

If you’re interested in knowing the differences between composite and amalgam fillings because you want to make the best choice for your smile, our team is thrilled to help you! There are many differences between the two products, and they can each help you in their own ways. The differences are: -Composite Fillings: Composite fillings… Read more »

Being Wise About Wisdom Teeth

Just about everyone will deal with their wisdom teeth sometime during their lives. Some people choose to have them removed very early on, before they get close to coming in. Others wait to see whether their wisdom teeth will be problematic. And the there are those people that just hope for the best. What should… Read more »

Nail Biting: What You Should Know

Do you know someone who chews on their fingernails? Do you ever wonder what they could be doing to their fingernails—or perhaps their smile? Or, are you interested in learning how you can break the habit yourself? For example, would you be surprised to learn that chewing your nails can fracture your teeth? This is… Read more »

Gingivitis can be Prevented by an Effective Oral Hygiene Routine

The earliest stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. This is a minor infection and inflammation of the gum tissues, that is most often caused by a buildup of tartar at the gum line. If gingivitis is not resolved in short order it can lead to the more dangerous version of gum disease known… Read more »

Tips and Techniques for Recovering from Multiple Tooth Extractions

Multiple extractions, such as those performed before being fitted for custom dentures, often require oral surgery. The extraction procedure can usually be performed on an outpatient basis. In some cases, the oral surgeon might recommend that you be sedated for your own comfort. If you do choose sedation for your procedure, you will need to… Read more »

Protect Your Teeth With a Mouth Guard

What would you do if you lost a tooth tomorrow and found out it could have been prevented? Don’t let your guard down this season and talk to your dentist about a mouth guard. Doing so will help you avoid accidents when playing with your friends and family this season. Mouth guards are made to… Read more »

Lost Tooth Tales and Tooth Fairy Traditions Around the World

Our Tooth Fairy is kind and generous, but she’s not like Santa Claus—she doesn’t serve the children of the world. She only rewards the children of the United States, so what happens to the children in other countries? Well, we are happy to tell you! Argentina In Argentina, the Tooth Fairy is Raton Perez, who… Read more »

Reduce Your Stress For A Healthy Mouth

Stress can give you a headache, make you feel tired, and just wear you down. But did you know that stress also has a negative effect on the health of your mouth? A few of the dental health problems stress can cause include: Gum Disease: Also known as periodontal disease, this is caused when plaque… Read more »

Before Modern Dentistry . . .

There are several modern conveniences which we should be thankful for, including dentistry. Learn a little more about what dentistry looked like before modern times. The Perils Of The Tooth Worm Sumerians living around 5000 B.C. didn’t believe plaque bacteria were the cause of tooth decay, they thought the culprit was a worm which lived… Read more »